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Club Penguin Beta Testing team

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Club Penguin Beta Testing team

Post  Robot2 on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:32 am

What Is The Club Penguin Beta Testing Team?
The Club Penguin Beta Testing Team Is A Secret Group Of People Testing Out new Games, Looking At new Items, Etc. Which would probably Be used in the future of club penguin. Once you play a game they need your feedback you can either like or dislike the game and comment if you want to then club penguin takes in your feedback and changes or keeps things on the game/item.

How To be A Club penguin Beta Tester?
Now Some Of You May Know Club Penguin Has A Beta testing Team.
Today i Will Guiding You Through Steps On How To Be A Beta Tester. Firstly Click This Link:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Now This Link Would have Taken You to A Blog On Club penguin Called "Earning Stamps".
Now i want you to scroll down a little until you see the words -club penguin team
Now if you have noticed The word "Team" is In Blue.
Click The Word team.
This Will Now Be Taking You To A Different Webpage.
Let It load COMPLETELY until You see a login page
Now Use Your CLUB PENGUIN Username And Password.
Wait Till It Logs You in.
Once You Are Logged In You Will See A penguin made Up Of Words.
And above it will say Enter command:
Type In "Help"
And A Command List Will pop up.
Then Type In LS
And A List Of games Will Pop Up Select The game You Would Like To Play And Play It.
Once You Finish Playing Or Game Over rate The Game Either A Smiley Or sad Face. And You Can Comment Remember We Need Your Feedback!
If You Want To Go back to the game list type in LS again.

Thanks For Reading Good Luck Have Fun!
Any Questions Comment Bellow!

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